My Mission

It is my intention to give the best possible product and service that I can, suited to the talent and competitive levels of those for whom I work, throughout the extent of the marching season.

I've been out in the field and teaching with someone else's drill design and understand all the questions and confusion that usually comes up during band camp, or whenever the learning process happens to be. Therefore, I've made it my mission to have all the possible questions answered before they're even asked. My instructions are easy to understand and make sense to the musical phrasing so that teaching the music is facilitated by the movement. 

I do my best to incorporate the design wishes of the directors and their caption heads into what I create. We ask the students to work together, so we should set the example by coming together as a team and co-create a visual design that flows logically and beautifully horizontally and renders memorable and entertaining vertical moments throughout. 


Drill and Full Choreography

In the Full Drill and Choreography package, I will coordinate all choreographic events throughout the drill design and write the body work for the musicians as well as the color guard. I am proficient in all pieces of color guard equipment and have an extensive dance background. Having been a member of a drum and bugle corps that incorporated movement with playing, I will produce choreography for your musicians that facilitates, rather than impedes the ability to play music while they move.

Drill and Musician Choreography

Many programs already have highly qualified and talented color guard choreographers who would prefer to maintain their focus on their caption and leave the choreography for the musicians up to someone else. As a dancer and a brass player and having taught movement to musicians and choreographed for many programs over the past 27 years, I will choreograph movement that I plan into the drill that I design.

Drill Only

There are many young instructors with lots of talent and energy working with many programs across the country who are quite capable of creating their own choreography. I will work with them as I design the drill to plan events that they would like to present in the production. If you have a talented staff of young movement and marching instructors that would like to give their best at choreographing for the musicians, but still need a drill designer to write your drill let's work together to foster the talents of these individuals. Remember, we were there once, too!

Musician Choreography Only

Throughout the year, I travel to many schools just to choreograph for the musicans' movement responsibilities in their shows. I also take time to teach exercises that strengthen and train their bodies, as well as develop skills they've already been taught. I will bring charisma and excitement to your students and deepen their love for performing in the modern world of the marching arts.

Color Guard Choreography

For over 20 years, I have choreographed for award winning color guard ensembles across the country. In Indiana, I hold the record for the highest placed program in their charter season competing in the IHSCGA State Finals. I know how to train a color guard at the beginning and basic levels and create choreography that incorporates the training syllabus into the repertoire. This helps set a foundation for following years to develop into intermediate and advanced skills. My video choreography is very easy to understand and follows the count structures, musicality, and drill flow beautifully. I am proficient in flag, rifle, saber, and dance (ballet, modern, jazz, and various types of folk).

Color Guard and Musician Choreography

Having the same choreographer create the movement designs of the color guard and musicians ensures a common style throughout, making the flow and presentation of events cohesive and logical. I will choreograph common motifs into the color guard that will be easily recognizable and logical in the movement vocabulary used by the musicians.

Sample Costume Design

Sample Costume Design

Color Guard costume and flag designs are included (if needed) in both the Drill and Full Choreography and the Color Guard Choreography packages.

Though I am available to design costumes and flags, you will need to give my designs to the manufacturer of your choice. I can help you find a manufacturer who can produce my designs, but many companies today require you to be on a client list at a date early in the spring. Be aware that I do not manufacture costumes or flags.