When I first started working with Marc he asked, “What do you want your program to look like after this season, in two years, in five years, etc?” And with that question,our whole program was about to change. My program went from just participating in competitions to consistently winning awards. 

  --Brianna Bjerke, Director of Bands, Mt. Zion, Illinois

Marc Preston Moss

has been instructing, designing, and judging in the marching arts around the country for the past 30 years. He is available for design, clinics, instruction, consultation, and adjudication.


Successful visual design in today's competitive arena calls for designers who can do much more than just mathematical arrangements of pictures in time with music. It requires knowing how to plan entertaining moments, create appropriate intellectual concepts, develop and teach choreography, understand color and artwork, and produce spotlights that capture the attention of your audience. It also means coordinating the wants and needs of the director and the staff through your own creative style. Above all, it requires developing a chemistry with the director and staff, and a humbleness to help the team create the show that they'll enjoy and remember for a lifetime! 

The students deserve the best we can give them. Great teachers aren't decided by trophies. They're decided by the love and devotion they have to giving their students the best possibilities to grow and develop admirable character and performance talent. They never forget the difference between "needing to win" and "wanting to win." The latter is healthy, the former is not. 

Let's work together this season!