Three Decades...

I've been involved in the marching arts since I was 14 years old. As an instructor working daily with kids, I remember how impressionable my first experience watching a marching band was to me, and how my first days at band camp influenced my entire future. I never know which of my kids will go on to make career choices in the marching world, but I treat every single student with the hopes of instilling that same awe and wonder I had so many years ago. 

Today, I'm proud to see my former students all around the country teaching and designing. As educators, we should all feel that pride, not merely out of a sense of ego, but out of a joy that we are a part of a greater, bigger good that continues to mold and shape amazing leaders and human beings. 

So, this first blog post is a huge shout out to the teachers that inspired me and gave me the knowledge and skills I have, but also to the students that I've taught throughout the years. Each and every student has taught me more about myself and more about being an effective teacher. Thank you to each and every one of you! You will always have great love here!