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Need a Design?


Each band program has different needs. Therefore, I would like to set up a consultation in order to assess a fair fee for design that will not break your budget. Fees will not exceed 4000 for top design package. Prices exclude live instructional hourly charges and travel expenses.

Please fill out the following form to tell me more about you and your program before we speak. These are questions that will need answered, anyway. I will contact you within 24 hours.

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Do you need band or guard costumes and/or flags designed?
Included in the full visual and guard choreo only packages are costume and flag designs at no further cost. You will, however need to have them manufactured. I can supply you with reputable and reliable manufacturers.
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Instrumentation Roster & Show Vetting (*optional)

Click the button below to get a Roster and Vetting form. I will need the first page, but the remaining pages are for you and your staff to consider as we begin to design this production.

Horizontal Storyboard (*optional)

When designing a show, we first must understand the horizontal structure of our production. This is a table to assist in mapping the flow of events and musical phrases from the beginning to the end of the program. Print this off for you and your design team to assist in laying the foundation of your show.

W9 Form (to be used if needed)

Some schools require a W9 form from their commissioned and instructional staff. If you require my W9, please click the button below and print out a copy.

Contract (to be used when needed)

Please click on the button below to print two copies of my contract. Fill them out, get the required signatures and send them to the address listed at the top of the contract form. I will then sign them and return a copy to you.